Prices and services

Prices and services

Our prices and services at a glance.

We offer the product variants “competence check” and “full certificate” for companies and recruitment agencies.

Information about the ordering process can be found below.

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  Getting started Renewal
  Evaluation check Competence check All-inclusive certificate recertification
  CHF 190 CHF 400 1 CHF 600 1, 2 CHF 240
  IT scientist enterprise IT scientist / enterprise IT scientist / enterprise
Multiple choice test
Evaluation Self-assessment
Detailed evaluation; Presence evaluation
CV analysis
Automated check myCV
Professional check myCV
Expert check myCV CHF 100
Profile assessment
Profile analysis basis
Profile analysis detail CHF 250 in case of positive check ( precondition expert check )
Development analysis three years
Career planningin progress
Issue of certificate (valid for 36 months)

1 Special offer for members of SI and swissICT

Members of SI or swissICT now receive a 20% discount on the fees for the all-inclusive certificate and for the competence check.

2 Special offer for non-members

All persons who are neither members of SI nor swissICT and who acquire the all-inclusive certificate until March 31 2022, will receive a free membership of their choice in SI or swissICT for one year.

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You can obtain voucher packages for each product variant. Are you planning to purchase more than 100 vouchers from one product variant? Contact us directly for an individual price agreement. The voucher ID’s will be sent to you together with the payment slip directly via email.

Discover graduated prices and save

Quantity Competence check All-inclusive certificate
from 1 400.00 600.00
from 50 380.00 570.00
from 100 360.00 550.00

Staffelpreise (incl. VAT)

The issued vouchers allow your candidates to access the myCV portal as well as to register for the multiple-choice test. This test takes place as a presence event. For information about next appointments contact us.

In the myCV portal, all relevant CV information is stored and checked by our specialists. After the candidate has completely recorded his career data, he can register for one of the presence tests.

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